Civox: Reach More. Connect Better.

Transform your political campaign or movement with AI-powered two-way voice calls that transform your voter contact.

Civox delivers voice interaction with artificial intelligence technology, on behalf of political campaigns that feel like you're talking to an actual person.

Imagine the ability to engage in natural, back-and-forth discussions with tens of thousands of prospective voters, donors and supporters.

Envision the potential to capture and catalog that data to sharpen your targeting and outreach, and expand the universe of people you can directly communicate with.

Real conversations; smarter outreach; and meaningful engagement at enormous scale fueled by a naturally-flowing discussion with the people you want to reach.

December 12, 2023
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Scalable. Automated. Interactive. Natural.

Civox isn't just about reaching more; it's about connecting better and more deeply. Offering scalable, automated solutions, Civox brings natural, meaningful conversations to the forefront, coupled with detailed analytics for every call made.

A powerful tool for tangible results.

Endlessly customizable

Support for 50 languages helps you converse with every potential voter. Custom voices can maximize the value of celebrity endorsements. Programmable intentions allow structured data to be collected from call recipients.

Compliant. Controlled. Clear

Fully compliant with federal laws and adaptable to diverse legal frameworks, ensuring your communications are unequivocal. Real-time conversation analysis keeps things on brand, and complete call transcripts offer unmatched clarity and control.

Powered by Conversation Labs

Our AI volunteers are the fastest, smartest, and most natural feeling in the world, thanks to the pioneering work of Conversation Labs .

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