December 12, 2023



World's 1st AI-Powered Political Phone Banking Product to Transform Voter ContactWill Set Much-Needed Standard for Ethical Use of AI in Campaigns and Politics

*Demonstration Calls Available for Media to Test the Tech for Reporting Purposes*

Harrisburg, PA – The political artificial intelligence technology company Civox, in partnership with Conversation Labs, today unveiled the first ever AI-powered two-way voice calling product for political campaigns and causes.  This will dramatically reshape the future of voter contact, and establish new precedents for ethical use, commonsense regulation and transparency in this rapidly-evolving space.

Civox is working with Shamaine Daniels’ 2024 Congressional bid in Pennsylvania’s pivotal 10th House district, making it the first campaign in the world to deploy AI-powered interactive political calling to potential voters. Civox is currently live and operational, with thousands of voters already contacted in PA-10.

“The dawn of AI politics is upon us.  Civox is thrilled to be the first company in the world to deploy this game-changing voice-based technology, and we’re proud to set the bar high for best practices for this emerging field,” said Civox co-founder Ilya Mouzykantskii.

“Civox realizes the interface between Artificial Intelligence and political systems can be manipulated by those with dark designs, and we urge legislators and regulators around the world to pay attention before it’s too late. Governing AI’s interaction with existing political systems in a post Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) world will be critical to our thriving and, ultimately, survival.”

“In one year most Americans will have spoken with an AI being, whether they know it or not,” said Adam Reis, co-founder of Civox and founder of Conversation Labs, which created the AI conversation engine powering Civox. “We can either stand by and let bad actors use this once-in-a-species opportunity to unleash a flood of political misinformation, or we can get ahead of it with proactive regulation and education to realize its tremendous positive potential in government. We see this democratizing political campaigns, lessening reliance on major donors, and facilitating nuanced, high-bandwidth communication between constituents and their representatives at a scale never before possible.”

Civox builds artificial intelligence technology for democratic and progressive political campaigns and causes around the globe, and uses a proprietary and groundbreaking AI-powered voice conversation engine that makes it feel like you're talking to an actual person. Civox is different from every other purported AI campaign tool currently available because it automates interactive outbound calling traditionally performed by phone-bankers, with each call customized to the recipient. This allows the  campaign to recruit volunteers, solicit donations, conduct polling and organize collected  data in structured platforms like Votebuilder. Civox is infinitely scalable, and the voice of the caller and the type of outreach can be customized to suit the profile of the person being dialed. 

In addition to kickstarting an urgently-needed public dialogue on how to appropriately use and regulate AI in campaigns, Civox’s tool will also prevent other previous exploitations of political phone bankers, such as use of prison labor on Michael Bloomerg’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Shamaine Daniels is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 10th House district to unseat incumbent Scott Perry, an insurrectionist figure who according to a former Trump White House official was “central to the planning of January 6th”. Shamaine is a Harrisburg City Council member, immigrant woman of color, attorney, and passionate advocate for Pennsylvania’s working families and reproductive freedom.  

“I’m excited to work with Civox, and proud that my campaign is the first to use this revolutionary technology to engage more voters in the Democratic process.  We talk a lot about concerns over the unethical use of AI technology, and we must be vigilant against the dangers it can bring.  But we need to also embrace the opportunities this new technology creates. Civox gives my campaign the ability to do something that was previously all but impossible: have meaningful, interactive, two-way conversations with voters at scale,” said Shamaine Daniels, Harrisburg City Council Member and candidate for Congress in PA-10.  “This technology allows so many more people to participate in the conversation about who represents them and how they feel about the important issues we face. I think that’s exciting for our Democracy. I also think this is a great opportunity to demonstrate that this technology can be used in a way that is effective while still being ethical and transparent, and I’m happy to be working with Civox to lead by example on that front.”

PA-10 is the perfect proving ground for Civox’s landmark AI innovation because the Keystone State will once again be decisive in the American 2024 election cycle.  Civox will build off its work in the Harrisburg-area Congressional race by rolling out its AI political phone-banking products around the world.

Civox has already performed demonstrations for the press that called thousands of Pennsylvania voters.  Members of the media interested in reporting on Civox’s new AI-powered two-way interactive invention can schedule a demonstration call by contacting

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